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How to schedule a booking: 

A perfect example would be “Hello Lily, my name is (_______). I am (insert age). I would like to see you on (insert date and time) for (___) hour(s). Please let me know if you have any availability. I have attached my screening information. Have a wonderful day talk soon.”   


•To prepare for a booking be well-groomed and showered. 

Do you require a deposit?

-I will see you without a deposit (in specific cities and at my discretion) but please keep in mind that bookings with a deposit are prioritised. If you book with a deposit then it’s 25% of the session.

What Is your cancellation policy?

-I understand that things come up and you may need to cancel/reschedule. Please respect my time as well.  

- For dates rescheduled within 14 days, deposits will be carried over to the rescheduled date.  If you book without a deposit and then cancel:

-24+ hour notice: 100$ cancellation fee which can be used to secure your next booking. 

-Same day cancellations: the full booking rate is required which secures your next booking. 

-If I cancel with you then I will return your deposit within 24 hours.

Are you passport ready?

- Yes!

How do I pay my deposit?

Your deposit can be paid via Venmo, Cashapp, or Wishtender. 

-Cashapp: $VioletsBakery

-Venmo: @sassybakery

-Wishtender: Gift or Donation

Please have the rest in cash only. 

What are your rates? 

1 hour: 400
1.5 hours: 600
2 hours: 700

1 hour GFE: 700
2 hours GFE: 1,200

3 hours: 900 or 1500 GFE
4 hours: 1,100 or 1700 GFE

8 hours (overnight): 2,500
24 hours: 4,000+ (Ask for details) 

Ask me about my Fly Me To You rates. There is a discount for multi-day bookings. All FMTY bookings require 50% deposit. Accommodations and travel ticket both ways are required. 

Booking a Session: Booking a Session
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